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"Regular treatments with Kirsten have really transformed my long term back and shoulder issues. She is professional and warm and gives good advice and guidance that helps with maintenance. It’s an essential not a luxury!"

"Kirsten has literally changed my life. I have always suffered with pain and have used many methods of pain relief, to be honest I thought it was something I was going to have to live with. Turns out I don’t have to be in pain!
Since the first session it has been life changing... Kirsten really listened to what I was saying and worked on a plan so I knew what was happening and what to expect. All that comes to mind is life changing, because it is. I can’t recommend her enough"

 "Since my Parkinson's diagnosis Kirsten has been helping me with my aches, stiffness and reduced movement. Our appointments include doing mobility and strength exercises & a massage treatment. Since starting treatment, I'm moving better, am far less achy & I also feel more positive about everything. I look forward to the appointments"

"Kirsten is really knowledgeable and professional. She takes time to really understand the issue and also sends specific exercises to do between sessions - these are so clear and have links to YouTube videos. I loved the calendar to keep track of when the exercises were done. Would highly recommend"

"Kirsten provided a really great assessment and treatment for my hip issues and gave me some targeted stretching exercises to do at home. Since visiting I feel my muscles have loosened up lots. I’m looking forward to revisiting for further treatment prior to a lengthy hike I’m doing and am also looking forward to trying the dry cupping!"

 "Since I moved out of the area, I can no longer see Kirsten & I really miss our regular appointments. Kirsten was kind & understanding and her skills have helped with my chronic pain (due to fibromyalgia).  Kirsten made me feel cared for and even gave me the name and someone in the area I now live, who can continue to help me manage my condition"

"Kirsten understood my needs & as a result I have certainly felt a difference, even after only seeing her a couple of times. I have been given exercises to do at home which are easy to follow and fit into my day to day life. Thoroughly recommend"

"Thank you Kirsten, my back feels so much better that it did before our appointment. I've also noticed that my hip has loads more movement. I've received the rehab plan & will start the exercises. I can't thank you enough"

"Kirsten is excellent at what she does and has really helped ease an on going back issue I was struggling with, allowing me to hit the New Year in full stride. Highly recommended."

"Kirsten is fantastic, she is professional in her approach and explains everything clearly. I have visited her recently for a running injury, she provided me with a detailed rehabilitation programme and her soft tissue massage works a treat! I would highly recommend her"

"First time I met Kirsten I felt so comfortable... she made me feel relaxed and looked after. I've been to so many other places before but she gave such good aftercare, stretches and info to follow until my next visit. I can't wait to see her again for my next session. She's got me back exercising and running again after being in so much pain for so long"

"I completed my 263km hike in quite challenging conditions, mountains and extreme heat. Good news is I had no problem with my knee and thanks for the part you played in ensuring that. I will definitely come back to you should I have any more issues"

"I came for a general body MOT but was specifically interested in improving my flexibility. I've seen many professionals over the years but Kirsten pinpointed the problem areas & with her expertise & knowledge I can already feel & see the benefits and improvement. I'm given a comprehensive but easy to follow plan of stretches & exercises to build on the treatment given at my appointments. I would highly recommend Kirsten, she clearly has a passion & skill for what she does"

"Having previously been sceptical of this type of therapy, I was amazed how much more movement I had after just one treatment. I was suffering with severely sore muscles after an ultra running event and could barely walk! I immediately felt at ease as Kirsten expertly released all of my tight sore muscles. I bounced out of her clinic and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to others."

"It is wonderful that I am experiencing much less pain and now have the tools to maintain and control the issues I’ve experienced in the past. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others and I’ve particularly appreciated your down to earth, personal approach. Thank you!"

"Initial treatment for an Achilles injury eased the pain and I was given exercises and stretches that have certainly helped. More valuable still was the insight into other issues that could contribute to and/or aggravate this injury, so I had further exercises to strengthen other muscles and make recurrence less likely. Definitely booking in for follow up appointments for the full holistic treatment"

"After being in agony for 5 days, with hip pain and spasms I had an appointment with Kirsten who worked her magic. Not only was she the nicest lady, she was so thorough, knew her stuff and I can now say I am bouncing into Christmas with no pain. Very easy to book online. I have had sports massage before but I honestly can't recommend her enough"

"Following a major illness, I have had mobility challenges and been in huge amounts of pain. Kirsten has supported with therapy & rehab advice, gaining results I have not managed to achieve through other specialists. I would thoroughly recommend Kirsten, for her commitment, warmth and caring personality. She has attention to detail and offers individual treatment based on needs. I find her totally effective, reassuring and with great communication throughout treatment"

"I've suffered from painful, inflexible hips for years, mainly due to an incident during childbirth. Despite repeated attempts to improve my flexibility at yoga, Pilates and with a physio and osteopath, nothing has really worked. Kirsten carefully assessed the problem & after a couple of visits, my problem hip dramatically began to gain mobility. I was astonished at how quickly the treatment worked & symptoms eased. I feel so relieved that finally I can begin to move with ease & can't thank her enough"

"I’ve been for treatment with Kirsten a few times now and she is always friendly, easy to talk to and the treatments she has given me have really helped"

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