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How often should I get a sports massage/soft tissue treatment?

Updated: Apr 16

There is no straightforward answer to this question as it very much depends upon the individual & the circumstances, but this article aims to provide a general guide.

A more personalised recommendation on treatment frequency can be given following an appointment and is based on your particular individual needs.

Woman receiving sports massage treatment
As a General Guide...

In situations where someone has been to see me regarding an injury or because of chronic muscle tension, then a cluster of regular treatments at 7-10 day intervals is likely to be more beneficial than waiting several weeks before the next treatment. As the injury starts to resolve, pain reduce and muscle tension lessens, these treatments can start to be spaced to fortnightly, 3-weekly or even monthly…but of course you will be encouraged to maintain results between appointments by stretching & strengthening muscles, as set out in your personalised exercise plan!

For clients with a specific goal or physical challenge on the horizon, prevention really is better than cure; and soft tissue therapy is a great way to support your training in the run up to your event. Treatment will be specific to the muscle groups that you are using and appointments every 2-4 weeks can be really helpful in reducing the risk of injury, preparing the body for activity & speeding up recovery between hard training sessions. Think #prehab rather than #rehab! I’d also recommend a recovery treatment after a big event too, ideally taken within 24-72 hours post event.

Many of my clients visit for maintenance treatments. This may be to help manage pain from chronic health conditions (such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s etc) or in the case of sporty clients, to maintain their range of movement during training, to improve the health & performance of their soft tissues and to avoid the potential onset of injury through tightness & restrictions. In these instances, some clients choose to have weekly or fortnightly treatment but generally I’d recommend a maintenance treatment every 4-6 weeks.

Massage can also influence the release of happy hormones & evidence supports the beneficial effects of massage therapy for those who experience anxiety, depression & occupational stress. In these instances, treatment as often as your self-care budget allows can be helpful.

Personally, I find a treatment every 4-6 weeks is best for me. This helps with my own training regime and the physical demands of my job, but I will increase this if I have a particular niggle or specific tension that is beyond my ‘normal’.

Finally, whilst regular appointments can definitely be beneficial, that doesn’t mean that a one-off treatment is a waste of time! In the same way that a long soak in the bath can help massively with how you feel both physically & mentally, the same could be said for a massage. Just because you may not commit to doing it regularly, it doesn't mean you should never do it. It's an opportunity to take some time out, reset your muscles and get advice on how to maintain the improvements made in a session.

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